Life Turned Upside Down

Dear Fellow Souper Moms,

I apologize for not posting any recipes recently. My life literally was turned upside down last week when, on 12/12/12, my youngest son, Connor was diagnosed with Diabetes. The whole situation has left me speechless and in total shock. I wanted to let you, all my dear followers, know because I will be taking a break from the blogging world for the time being. When things settle down, and I can get into a routine with caring for my son and his condition, I plan on blogging again. This time, though, it will be from a whole new perspective. It will have a whole new meaning. It will take a whole new turn – a turn down a road to my son’s return to health. It will be a journey in exploring the “alternative” sides to curing Diabetes. It will include the food and “souper” mom recipes necessary to restore Connor’s body to complete health. It will be a Diabetic revolution!

Thank you for following me thus far, and I appreciate your support and understanding.

Connor and me   Connor   Connor and me   Jake and Connor   Connor


About soupermomskitchen

My day begins and ends in the kitchen, and I believe all moms have a little (or a lot) of Super Woman in them.
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5 Responses to Life Turned Upside Down

  1. Joan DeLuca says:

    Watching you cope with this through every trying and terrifying moment – at home, at the doctor’s, at the hospital – fills me with both grief and admiration. Your Faith in God and your courage will endure, and with what you learn, you will help many in the years to come. As you labor to keep him healthy each day, let Connor’s huge smile fill you with joy and his bright eyes tell you how much he loves you. We all do, Mom

  2. Maria says:

    I know this incredibly scary right now, but I have no doubt that you and Connor will do great, Jacqie. With your extensive knowledge and interest in food and health before all of this and in combination with your determination and intelligence, I know you will be going about your “new normal” in no time!

  3. Christine says:

    I will say it once again, Jacqie, you are my inspiration!!! I know this has been very difficult for you, as it would be for any mother, but with your faith in God, your love for Connor, your determined will to do something and your excitement and creativity with food, you will do great! We all love you and are here to support your wonderful mission to help your darling son. Love you, Chrissy

  4. Berna says:

    My dearest Jacqie, I am so sorry to hear this devastating news. But, I am so grateful that your son has such a motivated and loving mom who will do whatever it takes to care for him in the way he needs. While life seems so muddled and unclear now, it will become easier as time goes on and you create a new lifestyle for your family. I know you will succeed! Your sons are so blessed to have you, and your family and closest friends not only support you, but look up to you. I look forward to new recipes to use for my husband (diagnosed with DM at age 15), and pray that we both may use this cross to draw us closer to God. Much love and warmest thoughts, Berna

  5. Happy to hear it, Jacqie! You’re a wonderful writer and could help many people!! Connor needs to come first……hope to see you soon!

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